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 Recruting rules

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PostSubject: Recruting rules   Fri Aug 03, 2007 1:58 pm

If you want to join The Axe Effect, copy the form you find in this postment fill it in and post it in the topic recrutement as a new topic

Read the guild rules!! Wich are in topic Guild and Rules

1. What is you're name/ char/ level?
2. How old are you
3. How many hours do you play WoW in a week?
4. at what time in the evening do you stop playing wow?
5. post here a link to your armor from the armory`
6. If we took someone else for a progres run, althought it was your turn but we promisse you that you can join tommorow for sure, would you be ubset or will you say fine by me i gonna do a heroic?
7. Are you able to take criticism so you may be able to improve your self?
8. Previous raid experiance from bbc and tbc
9. Why do you want to be in The Axe Effect? And what do you expect from us?
10. Are you willing to buy potions needed in raids?
11. What are you're attunements?
12. Did you read the guild / raid rules? and do you approve them?

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Recruting rules
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