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Our WoW guild on Bronzebeard
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PostSubject: Frost/mage   Sun Nov 04, 2007 9:03 pm

1. What is you're name/ char/ level? Well my Chars name is Supergnome im a lvl 70 Gnome Frost mage.

2. How old are you. Im 16

3. How many hours do you play WoW in a week? Well i think atleast 4-5 hours a day

4. at what time in the evening do you stop playing wow? 11 or 12

5. post here a link to your armor from the armory`

6. If we took someone else for a progres run, althought it was your turn but we promisse you that you can join tommorow for sure, would you be ubset or will you say fine by me i gonna do a heroic? Well i would be a little pissed but i would think that the player u took would need 2 go more than me so.

7. Are you able to take criticism so you may be able to improve your self? Always ^^ but not 2 muth.

8. Previous raid experiance from bbc and tbc. Gruuls, kara, ZG.

9. Why do you want to be in The Axe Effect? And what do you expect from us? Well i yust needed a new guild and this 1 looked good ^^

10. Are you willing to buy potions needed in raids? Ofc.

11. What are you're attunements? well im Att 2 kara ofc and have 4 heroic keys

12. Did you read the guild / raid rules? and do you approve them? Yes i did and i think they are fair enough Especially the 1 with behaving normally ^^
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