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 Guild / Raiding rules

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PostSubject: Guild / Raiding rules   Sat Aug 04, 2007 9:57 am

In this guild you are behaving as normal as can be. Begging spamming and that kind of stuff we don't like. Do you have done this 1 time you will get a warning and an officers note. Do you do it again than it will be a /gkick.
The language spoken in the guild chat is english!!!
When you start in the guild you are an initiate after two weeks the officers will decide if you are joining as a member or if we ask you to leave

If you want to respec, you will have to ask the officers if it is ok. Becouse we want a balanced team, and we will have to see if it is possible.

We all treat people with respect, be kind to each other and have lots of fun.

When you are offline for more then 21 days it will result in /gkick but if you are on vacation longer then that please say so on forum and we wont /gkick you.

During raids you will listen to the raid leader. No mather who he or she is. If the RL is talking you shut you're mouth. If you want to ask something about the boss or group we are gonna kill you can do that after the explanation. Also, if you think you know an other/better way to do something wait till the raid leader is done with the talking and you can say it then.

There will be NO damage reporting during raids. This will be only done by the Raid leader at the end of the raid. If you want to know it ask for a whisper for it.

We will all be on teamspeak during the raids and everyone will have the push to talk button on, you can find that with the keybinding option in your ts interface.

Looting in raids:
We will use master loot on the blue and epic items. So the grey, white and green items are you're lucky drop. for the blue we will send them to that bank and if you need it you ask for it with duckie bank.
Members have priority above initiates.

Epics will be on DKP.

The DKP works this way:

If you are joining and you are on time at Karahzan you will get 5 DKP
For every boss we kill you get 5 DKP do we kill this boss for the first time we get 10 DKP
If you stay untill the time we have said that the raid ends you will get another 5 DKP.
If you signed for a raid and you are confirmed, and you don't show up, without saying on forum or unsigning at dkp site, you will get - 20 dkp.

The epic items cost 20 DKP
The T4 items cost 40 DKP

From Muze with love

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Guild / Raiding rules
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